How to Give Clients Access To View All Tickets

Client Access To View All Tickets In Organization Or In General

  1. Go to the Jones IT Main Website
  2.  Click “SUPPORT” which will direct you to the support page.

  1. From this page you are able to submit a ticket using your organization email, sign in to Zendesk or see what positions we are hiring for!

  1. Clicking the Sign in button gives you various ways to access Zendesk, you may sign in with Facebook, Google, or your organization email, if an account has already been created for you. In the case your organization has not created an account for you, you can click the “New to Jones IT?” Sign Up button on the page as highlighted below:
  2. The Sign up button will ask you for your full name and email. Afterwards you will get an email confirmation containing a link to create a password and log in, as well as validating your account. Once this is done you will have access to zendesk to complete ticket requests.


  1. On the backend, one of our staff will set permissions for the account and allow you to view only your tickets or tickets from all members of your organization, by finding your account through the search function and choosing between the options for access when your username appears.
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