How To Recommend an ISP

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Step 1

Find out the number of users that will be utilizing the bandwidth.  The general rule of thumb is 3-5 Mbps per user.  Based on that, also decide if the client needs a symmetrical or asymmetrical connection (Symmetrical connection means the connection will have the same download and upload speeds while asymmetrical connection means the download and upload speeds would differ).

Step 2

Send an email to Ray Rosas at BandwidthBidder requesting for the availability at the client's service address with the bandwidth needs. For example:

Hi Ray,

Could you please provide some Internet options for the address “xxxx” ? Bandwidth requirements are 100Mbps and up.



Note:- If it is for a new office move, please provide a potential move-in date in the email to Ray Rosas above.

Ray Rosas Contact Info


Mobile Phone: (650) 296-1930

Office Phone: (707) 642-9444

Step 3

Ray Rosas gives us limited options for ISP’s, eg AT&T, Comcast, Megapath and some other DSL options. What we want to do is contact the other ISP vendors one by one to get the quotes from them as well. All the other vendors are listed below whom we should contact and get quotes simultaneously from them as well.

FastMetrics (

Account Rep Name: David Stegall

Cell Phone: (415) 680-8118

Work Number: (415) 778-5110


MonkeyBrains (

Phone: (415) 974-1313

Sonic (

Phone: (888) 766-4233

Level3 (

Phone: (877) 453-8353

Cogent (

Phone: (877) 875-4432

Webpass (

Phone: (800) WEB-PASS

WiLine (

Contact Name: Michael Jagelski

Phone: (415) 579-8100


Alternate Contact Name: Gerardo Sanchez

Phone: (415) 741-8138


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