How To Order and Deploy Sophos Licenses

JIT - How to order and deploy Sophos licenses

  1. Send client QR and get it approved
  2. Compose email to: Sophos-Licensing USA <>

To: Sophos-Licensing USA <>

Subject: Sophos Central Quote for Mindtribe

I'd like a quote for 50 licenses for Sophos Central please. Our Ingram Micro Account number is:  

Thank you.

  1. You will get a quote back from them to review. After doing so, approve the quote by replying back with an email:

Andy Vo <>
10:52 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Sophos-Licensi.

We would like to move forward with the quote ID:  QUO-55178-L7L3F1 -0

Specifically we would like the Sophos Central Standard (SKU VN6833). Not interested in the Advanced version or Central Intercept at this time.

PO#:  mtsophos18

Account Name:  Mindtribe

Shipping Address:
25 Kearny St, Suite 200
San Francisco, CA  94108
(415) 813-1200

End User:
Ashley Burrow (
(415) 813-1200

NOTE:  Please email me the E-License:

Let me know if you need anything else and if we are all set, please call our office and we will provide the CC info (415) 578-7111.

Thank You,

  1. Sophos should email the e-license to the end user email address by default but you can specify that it goes to you in your email (above). It will have the license scheduled attached and that contains the license number. EXAMPLE:


  1. From the Partner Portal (credentials in the master doc), click “Manage Sophos Central”
  1. Start New Trial (left nav, trial licenses), this adds them as a customer
  2. Now the customer should show under the Sophos Central Customers section
  1. Select that Customer and then Apply License Key

  1. Confirm the license is applied by checking for the green check marks

Deploying to Macs via Addigy

NOTE: Do this on a Mac.  

  1. Log into Sophos Partner Portal and select Manage Sophos Central
  1. Left Nav > Sophos Central Customers
  2. Select customer and Launch Sophos Central Admin (Top Nav)
  3. Left Nav > Protect Devices > Download macOS installer and it will download as zip
  1. Get “Where from link” from file so you can input it in the script
  1. Right click zip file > Where from > Get the link up to the comma
  1. Input the “where from” link at the top of the script “” after the equal symbol
  1. Script available here, download and make a copy:
  1. Save a copy of the script (e.g. Sophos CLIENT NAME Script)
  2. Policies > Catalog > Customer Software > Add Software
  1. Software Identifier:  Sophos CLIENT NAME Script
  2. Version: 9.0.0
  3. Create
  4. In the installation section > Installation script (copy the text of the script you created)
  5. Review changes and save
  6. At this point the software is now available to add to a policy
  1. Policies > Client Base Policies > CLIENT > Software > Your Software
  1. Find the newly created custom software that you just created and named and “Add App”. You should see it say Pending Addition
  1. Policies > Client Base Policies > CLIENT > Deploy Changes >
  1. Approve it
  2. From here you can deploy now or wait 30 mins for it to go by itself
  1. Check the Sophos dashboard to confirm devices are showing up. If you start seeing them, you did it correctly.

NOTE: There is a section where you can restrict the policy, restrict it to the client. No one else needs Methods Sophos installer.

Andy’s Notes:

* Your PO number

* Your fax number

* Shipping instructions

* End user PO number

* End user license, contract or authorization number

* End user company name

* End user address

* End user contact

* End user contact email address

* End user contact phone number

* End user contact fax number


Dear Customer,

Attached is the quote you requested. If the attached file contains multiple quotes, please reference the Quote ID for specific quotes that you would like to order.

Please, include PO#, Account Name, Ship to Address/Contact Info and End-user information when placing your order.

After you review the quote, please contact us to process your order.

Sarah Driscoll

For Sales Team: 1- 800-456-8000

For Tech Support Team: 1- 800-445-5066

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