How To Initiate RingCentral Service

JIT - How to initiate RingCentral Service

  1. Have TL log into partner portal (each should have their own login, as well as Andy)

  1. Leads > Add>
  1. Fill out the fields
  2. Address is their headquarters, not necessarily the service address
  3. Tier = Office
  4. NOTE: Creating the lead just secures it in their system and if the client calls them or another JIT staff calls, they know that the lead has already been started and eliminates the multiple quotes, conversations

  1. Convert the Lead to an Opportunity
  1. This is what actually kicks off the quote process.
  2. RC will funnel that opp to it’s proper channel (e.g. 1-49 users goes to Zach). Health always goes to so and so….Education and Govt. always gos to so and so…

  1. For good measure email Doug and Lorie to let them know you’ve converted the lead. Doing so will ensure eyes get on and will likely yield a faster quote

  1. At this point you’ve done your part and the ball is in RC’s court to provide a quote for service. They may call in or email asking some follow up questions but that’s situational.

  1. If a client wants a quote urgently, call into the Partner Support Line (800) 595-8110 and select 0 for quotes. They can help generate it immediately and they will loop in the proper channel when completed.


-If there is a support issue that needs immediate escalation you dial the same support line and select 6.

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