How To Submit a RingCentral Lead

 How to Submit a RingCentral Lead

  1. Go to

  1. Log into the website with your credentials (Please Note: Only Evan, Andy, and Team Leads have credentials to the RingCentral Partner Portal to be able to submit leads. Please contact one of them to be able to continue this process.)
  2. Once in you are logged into the partner portal for RingCentral go to “Sales” on the navigation bar on the top of the screen.

  1. Navigate to “Leads”, then “My Company’s Leads”.

  1. Once in “My Company’s Leads”, click on the “Add” button that can be found on the upper left-hand corner.

  1. Once you click “Add” you will be presented with a form to fill out with the information of the prospective lead.

  1. The information that is to be placed for the Contact is that of the Point of Contact for the client which we are submitting the lead for.
  2. Some of the important sections to note are the following:
  1. Forecasted Users: This is not the number of users that are in the company but instead this is how many RingCentral lines (numbers and extensions) that are going to be necessary for the account.

  1. Edition: These are the tiers that are provided by RingCentral. Best Practice is to put down Standard and then let RingCentral upsell their services to the client.

  1. Term:  This is the length and the contract and how frequently they will get billed. For clients, best practice is to leave this as annual since RingCentral tends to give a discount if the year is prepaid.

  1. Estimated Close Date: This is the date when the port or activation of the account needs to be completed. This also is taken into consideration by RingCentral and if the time between the submittal of the lead and the  Estimated Close date is close they will call sooner to accommodate and fulfill the contract.

  1. Once the lead is submitted RingCentral will contact us and will provide us with quotes for the services that our client needs. RingCentral will not contact our client directly until we give them the go ahead.

PRO-TIP: Before submitting any lead to RingCentral, it is important that the primary consultant for the client does some research on the client’s needs and what they currently have for service. It suggested that we have all the information about the previous service provider and the last phone bill that the client received (if applicable).

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