How To use GSuite Admin

JIT - GSuite Admin

  • How to Access
  • Navigate to
  • Sign in using email and password (this account must have some admin privilege to access the admin console)

  • Note about Admin Roles (predetermined roles or you can create and customize a new role)

  • Within the admin console you can create, delete and administer users for a domain
  • Under the users section you can:
  • Add, delete or suspend users
  • Reset passwords, force password changes
  • Rename users, emails, aliases
  • Add to groups, change organizational units

  • Configure and manage groups
  • Simply put, these are mailing lists (aka distribution groups)
  • Email entire group with a single address
  • Invite to meetings
  • Share documents
  • Makes it easy to spread communication ie when companies have departments, project teams, different locations (NY vs LA)
  • Through groups a google admin can then assign privileges, security/audit team, HR and onboarding, etc.

  • Configure and manage buildings and resources

  • Used with google calendars so users can book resources, in most cases conference room bookings.
  • Set up Buildings for multi-location
  • Set up resources for specific conference rooms (Gordos vs La Cornetta)
  • Configure and manage organizational unit access to and settings for G Suite services
  • OUs can be used to do the following
  • The set up
  • Go to Organizational units.
  • Hover over the organization you want to modify and click Create new organizational unit Create.
  • Enter a name under Name of organizational unit.
  • (Optional) To add a description of the organization, enter it under Description.
  • (Optional) To place the organization under a different parent organization:
  • Under Parent organizational unit, click Edit Edit.
  • Choose a parent organization.
  • Click Done.
  • Click Create.
  • Once OUs are created you can implement settings company wide or for certain groups. One example is 2FA enforcement. You can set this for the entire company by turning it on for the parent OU. You can create another group to override this (new hires group where you don’t want the users locked out from day 1)


  • Configure and manage mail delivery, routing, and filtering
  • Manage mobile and Chrome devices with Device Management
  • Use reports to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize G Suite
  • Configure and manage security and privacy settings
  • Configure and manage domains connected to your G Suite account
  • Manage data migration - gsuite basics - about admin roles - prebuilt roles - tailor settings for OUs - google groups basics - resources

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