How To Order Google Device and License (Meet, CFM, ChromeOS)

We are no longer using Synnex as of March 29th, 2019

  • Clients can purchase equipment from using a credit card + a credit card fee or Bank Transfer
  • We will still set everything up once the equipment is purchased and offer support
  • For current clients that will be up for license renewal, they can purchase licenses on Promevo themselves
  • Google only allows one reseller for licensing, therefore before purchasing renewal licenses it is necessary to fill out the transfer form with Promevo
  • The form can be found at 
  • NOTE:  Spoke with Promevo today and they think the form below is no longer being used. They don’t know where the results go. I think it’s best to submit form AND email lead to software sales by emailing
  • There will be some  turn around time for the transfer approval so make sure to take that into account
  • If we want to make it easy on the client on the purchasing, we could give them the option for us to purchase through Promevo for them using the credit card we have on file for them

Synnex - Google Device and License Ordering Instructions

Applicable to new Meet devices & licenses, ChromeBooks & licenses, Chrome Device Management licenses. We usually get a renewal notification that prompt us to act or the client lets us know.

Short version:

  • Create a Quoteroller and get the client to sign off on it.
  • We order the products through Synnex with reseller pricing. They bill us directly which is why we get those calls from them asking for cc info (e.g. PO-TURO18 paid messages in slack).
  • Common orders like CFM renewals don’t really need quotes ahead of time from Synnex. We just put the order in with the email below.
  • Other times when needed, you can get a quote from Synnex ahead of time to make sure it’s what is needed. Just let them know the deal, they are helpful and want to sell you things :)
  • We bill clients when they accept quoterollers.

  1. Getting Quote from Synnex ahead of time
  1. Email  & to prep a quote in advance. DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE DOMAIN in quote request, they use this for pricing.
  2. Review the quote and if it looks good (right amount of devices/licenses, right price, etc) proceed with the QR and make sure you bill them the correct amount for the licenses ($25 kiosk, $50 device mgmt, etc)
  1. QuoteRoller - Important, this is how clients get billed for what they order
  1. Prep a quote in QR with the correct pricing. NO TAX.
  2. Ideally copy another proposal and edit it to match your needs, this way you change the quantity, title, recipient etc and your done. The correct product description and pricing will already have been there.
  3. Save the quote as sent and copy & paste the link in email to the main contact or person on their end approving.
  4. Once approved, they will be billed that amount automatically.

  1. Ordering through Synnex
  1. Fill out the Google Order Processing form  (example) and attach it to an email to and CC



Subject:  Client Name - CFM License renewal

Attachment: Completed Google Order Processing Form


CLIENT would like to order QTY # Chrome for Meetings License.  I don’t have the SKU number.

Please bill to the card on file ending in x####.

Shipping address:
123 Street Blvd, Suite Z
San Francisco, CA 94110

End user domain: (Google order processing form attached)


Let me know if you need any more info to proceed.

  1. When you get emailed order confirmation, the process is done. The renewal will be reflected in their GSuite admin console around ~1 month prior to renewal.

 For the new google Meet hardware…

Part # CHROMEBOX3-N7041U 5293551



Mfg. P/N


MSRP/List Price





Ext. Price




ASUS : 4K ultra-HD camera, Speakermic, 10 color touch screen control panel, VESA mount kit. Chromebox: INTEL Core i7-8550U,Intel HD Graphics 620,4GB DDR4,32G M.2 SATA SSD,INTEL 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, BT4,10/100/1000 Mbps,1 Year Warranty






TOTAL:   $1,695.18   Search Quoteroller for the price to charge clients

Large CFM Part # CHRMBOX3N7042U-K  SKU 5320160

Synnex Contacts:

Google Chrome - Jonathan Byram, (864) 447-5576,

Google Cloud (G Suite) - Michelle Rankin, (864) 349-4961,

Google for Education - Mckenzie Blandin,(864-373-7570),

Made by Google Hardware - Mike Gillanders, (864) 373-7638,

Sales Engineer - Kyle Candler, (864) 373-7527,

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