How To manage A/V Conferences from RingCentral for Meetings

How to manage Audio/Video Conferences with RingCentral for Meetings

  1. The meeting needs to be initiated from the App (Mac, PC, Mobile Phone)
  1. Start without video & Start with video are for unscheduled meetings, lets you do it on the fly
  2. Schedule (obvious)
  3. Join is if you have a meeting ID and want to participate
  4. Share Screen allows you to hop in and share your screen (need meeting ID)
  1. Schedule Function:
  1. NOTE: Enable join before host should be enabled otherwise they get the “meeting has not started yet” message and they can’t join.
  1. From there the invite will open up in your chosen calendar.  You can invite people as you see fit

  1. At this point you’ve set up the meeting and the host and participants can join via phone with the info in the invite OR via the RingCentral for Meetings App from their computer or mobile phone if they also have it.

  1. As the Host you have a lot of options when joining through the App
  1. Toggling audio and video
  2. Inviting people on the fly
  3. Managing participants: Muting participants, seeing who is in with you
  4. Screenshare, Chat and Record

International Dialing is available and those countries are identified in the link below:

Other notes:

  • If you are the host and people joing the meeting before you, you will get an email warning:
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