How To Use GSuite Takeout

GSuite Takeout Instructions

  1. Log in as the user being offboarded and initiate take out by going to:
  1. Leave all selected > Next
  2. File Type = Zip
  3. Archive Size = 2 GB
  4. Delivery Method Add to Drive:  The user you are offboarding will get an email saying it’s done. If you aren’t getting those  emails you just need to check in later
  1. Access the completed zip file(s) and share with yourself
  2. Click Share again > advanced settings > Change ownership of the zip file to yourself and remove the other user
  3. This zip file contains: Email, Contacts, Calendars
  1. You should have already transferred drive ownership to someone else
  2. At this point the user has been fully backed up and is ready to be deleted as long as forwarding is no longer needed.
  1.  The Zip File and Drive Transfer folders should be stored in their designated locations for ex-employees

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