How to Change Triggers in Zendesk


How to change triggers when people are OOO

Note:  Triggers operate on what’s entered in the primary and secondary fields under the organization in Zendesk. We need to change primary triggers anytime someone is out of office or at a full day onsite to ensure things don’t fall through the cracks.

  1. Navigate to Zendesk Settings > Business Rules > Select Triggers
  1. Locate the primary trigger of the person that is out and:
  1. Rename with “OOO” in front for easy identification
  2. Under actions change Assignee to the person taking the trigger
  3. SAVE
  1. Always nice to slack the person’s involved to let them know the trigger has been changed:  “@Drew’s trigger is now pointing at @Justin”
  2. When that person is back in the office, revert the changes you made to have it point back to them.
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