How To Check Server Backups

Backup Checks/Troubleshooting with Failed Backups

  1. Open StorageCraft.
  2. Go to the “Management View” Tab. Backups good? If not, go to Step 3.
  3. Click “Backup History” Tab.
  4. Click on the failed backup in the list found in the first scrollable window titled “Start Time”. Now in the scrollable box below the Job list that starts with “Timing” (second scrollable box in the interface) you get a detailed explanation of what happened during that specific backup. When you scroll down you will see an error on the left-hand side where the process failed.
  5. Most of the time the issue is space. When you find the error in the logs it will say something like “not enough space to backup data” in the right message column. If the error is a space issue continue to step 6. If the error does not mention space escalate it to E Team. 
  6. Go to the master doc of the client and go to the “Backup” tab. Find the Synology that is onsite at the client and go to the IP address of the Synology NAS on the server. Login as the admin.
  7. Once in the Synology click the “File station” Folder. Once there you should see a folder called “Incrementals”. Go into that folder and delete the contents within the folder. DO NOT delete the folder itself or any files outside of the folder.
  8. Some Synologies also have a “Recycle” Folder. Make sure to delete everything in this folder also, since when you delete the data within the incremental folder it goes into this “Recycle” container.
  9. Go back to Storage Craft and in the “Backup History” tab in the first scrollable window titled with “Start Time” right-click on each of the failed jobs and select Delete. You will manually have to delete each of the failed jobs. DO NOT click delete all even if you filter for failed events because all of the history will be deleted.

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