What are Excel 2016 features, function changes, and improvements?

New Features

Check out this article for some of the best new features in Excel 2016.

  • Major database enhancements
  • Quick analysis tools
  • New charts
  • New templates
  • 3D / Power Maps
  • Easier collaboration and sharing
  • Smart Lookup
  • Tell Me
  • Ink Equations

Function Changes

Check out this article for some of the function changes in Excel 2016. You’ll find these functions in the Statistical formula category.

  • FORECAST.LINEAR: This function predicts a linear set of values using the existing values in your dataset.
  • FORECAST.ETS: You can use this function to apply exponential smoothing in order to get forecasted values.
  • FORECAST.ETS.SEASONALITY: This function helps in detecting seasonality patterns for a specified time series.
  • FORECAST.ETS.CONFINT: This function will return a confidence interval for the forecasted value.
  • FORECAST.ETS.STAT: It is unclear what this function is meant to do but the formula helper says this function returns the requested statistic for the forecast.


Check out this article for some of the "improvements" changes in Excel 2016.

  • Measure Icons and Search in the Field List
  • Right Click and Edit Measures in Field List
  • “MEASURES” are Back
  • More Readable Data View (in Power Pivot Window)
  • Arrows in Diagram View Point the Correct Direction
  • Calendar/Date Table Creation
  • More Functions
  • Formula Fixup on Rename
  • Color-coded formula editor
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