What are changes to Outlook 2016? What are some tips & tricks?

Not much has changed

Check out this 17 minute video here to learn about all the Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tips and Tricks. Some the Microsoft Outlook 2016 tips and tricks that will be discussed in this video are

• Using the Clutter Feature
• Better Searching
• Outlook 2016 Groups
• Improved Email Attachments


Look & Feel Similar to Outlook 2013

The default is this nice blue color. This can be changed if desired. 


Improved Search

Default will search "Current Mailbox." If you need to search a different folder, make sure to click on "Current Mailbox" to change target area of your search. You also have the option to refine the search by selecting: "Include Older Results" or "From" or "Subject" or "Has Attachments" just to name a few options.  


Search Folders

These are easy to create folders that basically save your desired search settings. Gmail has a similar feature called "Search Filters" if you have used that product before. For example, you can create a search folder with all emails from your boss or favorite client. Another useful search folder you can create is one with all emails with attachments so you can easily find emails with that have those important files when you need them!


Tell Me Option & Smart Lookup

You can find this at the top of the screen next to the Search tab. This helps you find answers to your questions about some of the functions. For example, if you look up "printing" it will show you how to print and also bring up the options for printing. This is useful if there's a function you don't know how to do and need guidance. On the right hand side you will see "Insights" which are Bing search results to help you find the answer to your question. 


Attaching Files to Emails

If you compose an email and click on "Attach File" you have the option to view recent attachments to make it easier to locate files recently used. Also once the file is attached, you can right click the attached document and bring up a menu that will allow you to change permissions to let "Anyone edit" or limit to "Anyone can view."



New Items Button

Quick navigate to useful options such as:

  • New E-mail Message
  • New Appointment
  • New Meeting
  • New Contact
  • New Task
  • New E-mail Message: Html or Plain Text
  • More Items: Post in This Folder, Contact Group, Task Request, Internet Fax, Choose Form, Outlook Data File (please note that some of these options must be setup before they are available)
  • New Skype Meeting


Quick Parts Reusable Text

This allows you to put reused content of an email into your message quickly. 

  1. Type out the text you want to reuse into a body of an email and highlight it. 
  2. Go into the "Insert" tab within the new message, then select "Quick Parts," then "Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery..." Then enter a name and category of your choice; click "OK." 
  3. Then the next time you create a new message and go to the "Quick Parts" menu, your reusable text can be added to your message. 





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