Will Jones IT setup our folders/labels? How do I manage/create labels?

"Will Jones IT set up our Google Mail folders/labels? Can I keep my old folders/labels?"

SHORT ANSWER: Yes :) Wooohooo!

LABELS EQUAL FOLDERS: Your folders will be migrated and they will be known as labels. We will take care of this.

DEFAULT LABELS (Pro tip if you’re curious): In mail.google.com, you will see your labels on the left side directly under the “COMPOSE” button. Some default labels of note are:

  • Inbox (where emails first arrive)
  • Starred (messages you have starred)
  • Important (messages automatically flagged as important by Google mail)
  • Sent Mail (see everything you sent)
  • Drafts (see what you worked on but didn’t send)
  • All Mail (when you click the “Archive” button in Google mail, they are moved from your Inbox to here and are easily found by using the blue magnifying glass search button at the top)
  • Spam (junk mail automatically flagged by Google mail)
  • Trash (messages you have trashed, messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days will be automatically deleted)

Hover over the list of labels on the left side, then scroll to the bottom and click “More.” You will then see the rest of the labels you created along with some other default ones like Chats (saves chat correspondence), Categories (messages classified into categories such as Promotions, Social and Updates), and Circles (don’t use this). Got all that? Sorry that was serious TMI (too much info).

MANAGE LABELS/CREATE NEW (Pro tip if you’re curious): In mail.google.com, there are several ways to manage and create labels. My favorite way is to first select an email by clicking the checkbox next to the message(s) and then near the top of the page, click on either the icon that looks like a folder (“Move to:” button) or icon that looks like a shopping tag (“Label as:” button). At this point you can either “Move to:” the message(s) directly to the desired label (removing message from Inbox) OR “Label as:” the message(s) to as many labels as you like (also keeps the message in the Inbox). To manage and create labels, you will need to select “Create new” or “Manage labels.” If you “Manage labels,” you will be brought to the Setting section & Labels tab; scroll down to the bottom (skip over System labels, Categories, or Circles) to get to Labels where you can “Create new label” or “edit” current labels. See both screenshots below to see what I am talking about.


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