I am switching new versions of Office 365 & Outlook: What are the biggest changes?

In our last article, we listed Step 1 of the move is to Get Excited. Now that that's over with, you're ready to start digging in a little deeper.


Step 2: Start familiarizing with Office 365

For those of you Outlook lovers, the biggest change in moving to Office 365 will be behind the scenes. You will be able to do pretty much everything you used to be able to do in the past. For those of you who haven't used Office 365 in the past, we really like this YouTube video intro to Office 365:


Step 3: Switching to newer versions of Office & Outlook

For most of you, the change to Office 365 will be minimal, as you will still use Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your desktop the same way you did before. However, chances are you will be using a newer version of these apps and some things may be different.


If you are concerned about not knowing where the buttons are, don’t worry! The new Office 365 has the same functionality as previous versions and much more. See the PDF linked here for a guide in making the switch from older versions of Outlook to Office 365 along with instructions for signing in, contacts, calendars, and using Outlook on both desktop & the web.


We strongly urge you to take a look since it will probably answer most of your questions about Office 365. We also encourage you to go to the Office Training Center here for even more useful info on switching to Office 365.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jones IT (support@itjones.com, 415.578.7111, support.itjones.com) and we will be more than happy to help you.


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