How do I open 2 emails in separate windows? How do I open a single message in a conversation?

"Is there a way have two email messages open at the same time? I want to be able to have two emails open and cut/paste from one to another."

SHORT ANSWER: Yes :) Open a message and on the top right above the message, click on the upward facing button and your message will pop out. 

IN A NEW WINDOW BUTTON: By clicking on this button, you open the current conversation in a new pop up. You do open as many email conversations in a new window as you wish; just make sure to click the button for the other conversations you want open.  

OPEN A SINGLE EMAIL WITHIN A CONVERSATION (Pro tip): One little trick to isolate a single email message within a multiple email conversation, is to (1) open the conversation, (2) click on the top right options Arrow button (next to the Reply button), (3) choose print, (4) this will open a single email in a new tab or window, (5) make sure to hit cancel or escape to close the print dialogue box, and (6) you will see that the tab stays open so you can refer and keep it open as long as you need. Check out the screenshot below for more details. 


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