How do I attach emails in Gmail?

"In Outlook I used to be able to easily send multiple emails as attachments. Can I still do that in Gmail?"  

SHORT ANSWER: Not exactly :( BUT...don't worry, we have a nice workaround for you. 

PRINT & SAVE EMAILS AS PDF: A feature sometimes missed by Outlook users switching to Gmail is the ability to attach emails to a new message. Here’s an alternative method you could try.

  • Open the email you want to send as an attachment.
  • Click on the small Printer icon above the Reply button. 
  • In the Print pop up box, select Change under Destination and choose Save to Drive from the Google Cloud Print section. 
  • Press Save – this will save your email as a PDF under My Drive. You can repeat these steps to save as many emails as you need to.
  • Now open a new Compose window and select the Insert Files using Drive icon by hovering over the Paperclip and clicking the small Drive icon. 
  • Choose My Drive from the left menu and find your new PDF – it should be the first in the list.
  • Your email will appear as a link in the body of your email and is automatically shared with the recipient (you can change these rights in a pop up window before sending the email). 
OR JUST SAVE AS PDF TO YOUR DESKTOP: To send your email as a true attachment, use the Save as PDF option from the Print pop up box to save the email as a PDF to your hard drive then attach as normal.
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