Can I still use desktop apps like Outlook or Apple Mail/Calendar? How do I bookmark G Suite in a browser?

“After the cutover date, when our company G Suite goes live, if I want to check my email, can I continue to use Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar (on my desktop) instead of logging on to the internet to check my mail/calendar? I would strongly prefer to continue to use my desktop apps."


G SUITE ON THE WEB: I know this is not the answer some of you may want. I always hate to say no and am sorry for the inconvenience. However, the main reason your company decided to switch to G Suite is the power of being able to use it anywhere from a web browser. There are more features and powers available by using the web browser. Using desktop apps (Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple Calendar) really limits the systems at your company and the future of where IT going (cloud, mobile, web-based software, etc). I could go on and on. When Jones IT made the switch ourselves, I have to admit I was like some of you and religious about my desktop apps like Apple Calendar and Outlook but after getting used to it, I don’t miss these dinosaurs one bit. My Google Mail, Drive, and Calendar work everyday on my web browser without any errors, loading time, syncing issues, or any problems associated with desktop software.

BOOKMARK G SUITE (Pro tip if you’re curious): Here is what I do to get my work morning started in lightening speed! In my chrome browser (recommended, but firefox works too), I have bookmarked 3 pages (,, in my web browser favorites and placed them in folder for work (subfolder “day start” is optional). Then each morning when I turn on my computer, the first thing I do is open my web browser and directly open gMail, gCal, and gDrive in different tabs. Check out my screenshot below. The only downside is that since it loads so darn fast (within seconds), I don’t have time to go to kitchen to make coffee (like it used to be with Outlook & Apple Mail)!!!


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